P. Abishek Abraham

Executive Director

The Numero –Uno position of Aachi today in the Indian Masalas & blended spices stands testimony of the times. Moving from one product in 1996 to a product continuum of 250 products and its 700+ SKU’s, with many more products waiting in the foray to see the light, Aachi has taken a giant leap by then to the league of FMCG’s, evolving as a top brand today and more in the offing is attained through well sculpted vision, mission, relentless progression, perseverance, and unflinching determination with an instinct for excellence. Aachi as a change agent & pacemaker believes innovation as a turnaround factor in the era of competitive markets and Globalisation. It has redefined the branding & marketing strategy to many in the foray of FMCG and its big league. Pursuing quality in all its components has become its second nature.

The satiating and symbiotic relation Aachi products are creating, are inevitably not a wonder and have only reinforced us to be more responsible. While relieving the toiling women from the shackles of the kitchen, having multitude roles to be played in a day, has ushered them to preserve the ethnicity of the dishes made out of its Masala’ easily and at their convenience. Diversifying from the Masalas, blended spices, ready to eat, ready to cook, to house hold items, laboratory services are the rare to dare ventures. Aachi owing its success to the society believes in giving it back more in measures, by way of philanthropy and providence for the social causes. Aachi in conformance to higher levels of corporate governance has an effective succession plan and to substantiate it, all its business Units/departments are ably headed by a vivacious team thus taking Aachi Group to the next level.

Head office