P. Ashwin Pandian

Executive Director

Aachi prides to be from the country that houses the “land of spices” & “spice gardens”, and its products enjoy the journey through the spice route it traverses, down south to Pan-India and over 30 countries. Beaconing its past, Aachi readied for its global journey, which has evolved pragmatically. Keeping the changing needs of customer and the market dynamics like recessionary turbulences, distributional bottlenecks, and aggressive competition and fighting spurious products, it has only made it move from milestones to touchstones. In ensuring its commitment of making the products available to all segments of the society at affordable prices, by continual improvements, and quality conformance, Aachi has kept its manufacturing platforms abreast with the technology.

Today it prides to be the one and only to use Cold Grinding Technology in India that does not damage or alter the chemical composition of the raw material and retain the volatile components, aroma and natural taste. It provides higher production rate, lower energy consumption, finer particle size, lower grinding cost, no heat generation which is good while grinding spices and provides an inert atmosphere thus eliminating the possibility of oxidation. In an endeavour to make Aachi products available even at the remotest village of the country at any point of time, the product cycles are kept agile with value added supply chains & distribution channels.

The overwhelming demands are met with the help of triumphant teams, operating under the guidance of industry veterans and Subject matter experts. Aachi fosters welfare & free services to all its employees and their families, besides the differently abled employees and the society in myriad ways. In the Aachi way, it sets it apart from others, the way it cares & delivers for its customers, employees & stakeholders, and stands behind every product we sell.

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